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Anytime Health Detection smartwatch ECG3

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Our cutting-edge men's smartwatch, equipped with advanced features to enhance your health monitoring. With ECG (Electrocardiogram) capability, this watch provides real-time heart health insights, allowing you to track your cardiovascular well-being...

Color: Black

Black silver

Material: Black silicone strap

Black silicone strap

Our cutting-edge men's smartwatch, equipped with advanced features to enhance your health monitoring. With ECG (Electrocardiogram) capability, this watch provides real-time heart health insights, allowing you to track your cardiovascular well-being effortlessly. The sleek design and comfortable watch band make it a stylish and functional accessory for any occasion.


ECG electrocardiogram Independent and accurate blood oxygen measurement Precise body temperature measurement Real-time heart rate measurement
Photoelectric automatic blood pressure measurement TTP 24-hour ECG monitoring Respiratory rate measurement Heart rate alarm
Non-invasive blood sugar Multi-sport mode Exercise measurement (step/calorie/distance Sedentary reminder
Raise wrist to brighten the screen Anti-lost reminder Message push Call reminder/reject
OTA upgrade Music control 7-day rolling storage of historical data Remote control camera
WeChat Motion Sync Multiple dials Alarm clock Sleep monitoring



Shell material & color Shell: zinc alloy + vacuum plating (black, silver)
Bottom shell: PC+ABS+Medical grade 316 stainless steel sheet
Strap: TPU strap (black)
Display Tempered glass+IPS HD TFT 1.83 inches 240*280
Compatible System Android 4.4 and aboveļ¼ŒiOS 8.2 and above Battery capacity Pure cobalt lithium battery 240 mAh with 7-10 days of use, 30 days of standby
Processor (MCU main control) 5515I0NDA_QFN56 Touch CST816D full screen touch
body temperature sensor NTC Vibration motor Mute vibration
Photoelectric PPG Analog Front End (PPG AFE) Osram SFH2201 Bluetooth 5.1 BLE (low power consumption)
ECG Analog Front End (ECG AFE) Goodix GH3220 Physical buttons 1 Buttons
Accelerometer STK8321 3-axis sensor (G-SENSOR) Charging interface

Magnetic charging with shor

t circuit protection

watch band


health management

Made with ingenuity "smart", smart enough to understand your health in seconds.

1.83 HD color screen

With high-definition big screen, restore pure colors of nature, clear and vivid.

60十APP dial

Smart watch support Customize watch face, customize function display, set your favorite picture to dial background, let your watch be creative.


Dynamic ECG, continuous monitoring

Dynamic continuous monitoring, comprehensive acquisition of ECG monitoring data and analysis report, Compared with the tactile monitor,Continuous monitoring greatly improves the detection rate of diseases.

ECG monitoring

Collect ECG at anytime and anywhere,13 types of abnormal signals can be monitored such as

atrial fibrillation, bradycardia and arrhythmia etc. When the heart rate is abnormal, the system to record abnormal ECG signals, analyze and diagnose the heart health.

Non-invasive blood glucose testing

High blood sugar will easily lead to high blood pressure, as high blood sugar can lead to blood sugar disorders, which can easily lead to vascular disease, then resulting in increased high blood pressure.

24-hour blood pressure tap function key detection

Do not need to use mobile phone to check the data frequently. Wear the watch to enter the blood pressure measurement interface. Wait a few seconds to know the current blood pressure.

Heart rate health monitoring

24-hour heart rate monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, higher heart rate warning, always take care of your health, you can check specific data on the APP.

Hypoxic shock wake

Snoring accompanied by short-term apnea when sleeping, main issues is hypoxia. This also can lead to other complications of hypoxia, severe asphyxia or heart failure. Smart bracelet will automatically and continuously monitor blood oxygenation of the sleeper at night (0-7 o'clock) vibrate during low oxygen risk to remind sleepers to adjust their sleep gestures or wakefulness, which can effectively guarantee safety.

Sleep monitoring and analysis

Monitor sleep quality, real-time heart rate, sleep breathing quality throughout the whole process, According to big data analysis,more accurately judge the sleep situation (sleep duration,

awakenings times,sleep time, light sleep, deep sleep), score the quality of sleep, help record complete sleep information, get a nice sleep night.

Female menstrual cycle

Help you knowing your menstrual cycle, record menstrual periods, safe periods, and dangerous periods, care of women's physical health.

Multi-sports mode

The built-in high-precision sensor, accurately record your daily walking steps, mileage and calories, heart rate during exercise and multiple exercise modes such as running and cycling.

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Black, Black silver


Black silicone strap