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Sports multifunction call watch W19Y828


This multifunctional smartwatch offers three sets of theme switching, allowing you to personalize your device according to your mood and style. With advanced features such as heart rate monitoring. Specifications: Product...

Color: Black


Band Material: Silicone


This multifunctional smartwatch offers three sets of theme switching, allowing you to personalize your device according to your mood and style. With advanced features such as heart rate monitoring.


Product Parameter 
Product Model Y28(1.78AMOLED 368*448)
Function points "1.RTL8763E single-mode Bluetooth call (local music) 1.78AMOLED (368*448) inch high-definition touch screen
2. VC32 True Blood Oxygen
3. Three sets of theme switching
4. Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, message reminder
5.100+ sports modes
6. Customize the dial, online multiple dials. Sleep monitoring, message reminder, ultra-low power consumption, long battery life
7. Stress
8. Android/Apple system dual system one-key connection"
Chip: Realtek 8763EWRAM+Flash600KB+128/256Mb  
blood oxygen  VC32 red + infrared
Audio chips Realtek 8763EW
Battery Capacity Battery capacity: 280-300mAH (protection chip: LP5305); BIS certification; magnetic charger
Screen size: 1.78AMOLED 368*448 HD full touch screen
control: 1. Up button:
Off state: long press to turn on; on state: long press to turn off;
Short press: return; short press on dial: on/off screen;
2. Press the button
Short press: enter the sports list
heart rate/blood pressure VC32S
Waterproof IP67
Bluetooth BLE5.2+BLE Audio Dual mode; APP compatible with iOS 9.0, Android 4.4 and above
Operation mode: Full touch screen (full fit) + double buttons
Sensor 1. Three-axis gravity sensor G_sensor: STK8321. 2. Heart rate sensor: VC32.
1. Multi-language support
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Indonesian, Czech, Romanian and other 17 languages
2. Three sets of themes Switch between 3 theme styles of honeycomb, rotation and list, you can experience different theme styles
3. Basic function modules Clock, date display: 12/24 hour system, can be set on the APP
Multiple dials: switchable dials of different styles
Data storage: body temperature, heart rate, steps, calories, distance, sleep and other data can be retained for about 7 days during normal use
OTA upgrade: connect with APP and upgrade through APP
4. Health function Heart rate monitoring: Wear the watch correctly on the wrist and enter the heart rate menu to measure the real-time heart rate value; 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring (saved every 10 minutes)
Blood pressure: Wear the watch on the wrist correctly, enter the blood pressure menu, and measure the real-time blood pressure value
Blood pressure: Wear the watch on the wrist correctly, enter the blood pressure menu, and measure the real-time blood pressure value
Sleep: Detectable sleep state and time: Analysis of deep sleep, light sleep, awake
Step count: monitor and record the number of steps per minute
Calories: Monitor and record calories per minute
Distance: Monitoring records the distance per minute
Stress test: App initiated test 0-40 normal; 40-60 mild; 60-80 moderate; 80-100 severe(The test time is about 3 minutes)
Women's health: menstrual period, fertile period, safe period
Respiratory rate: can measure the current respiratory rate Status: too fast, normal, too slow
5. Calling Call records: you can view the records of incoming and outgoing calls; make quick calls
Dial pad: Dial the number to communicate on the phone, dial out the phone to adjust the volume, mute, hang up and other operations
Address Book: Synchronize the phone address book, you can view the address book on the watch; make quick calls
Call switch: can turn on/off the call function
6. Local Music Watch music: store music locally, or download music on the App
Mobile phone music: control the mobile phone player music to the previous/next track, volume increase/decrease, play/pause
Bluetooth headset: connect the headset, listen to music by connecting the headset
7. Sports function 25 sports modes and data logging
8. Automatic measurement module Heart rate measurement: enter the heart rate interface, and automatically measure and display the current heart rate result
Breathing training: a single post-training heart rate result is available after training
9. Reminder module Incoming call reminder: When receiving incoming call signal, display incoming call reminder
Call rejection: you can hang up the call when receiving the incoming call signal
SMS notification: The mobile phone receives SMS information and pushes it to the watch to remind
Battery Reminder: When the battery is low, a low battery reminder is displayed
"App push: App receives push notifications from other apps on the phone, and pushes the alerts to the watch;
On the APP, you can choose the application of push notification independently. "
Alarm clock reminder: The set alarm clock will be reminded at the time
"Sedentary reminder: When sitting for a long time for a certain period of time, the user will be reminded to move around;
It can be turned on and off on the APP, as well as the time period and other settings"
Goal Achievement Reminder: When the exercise goal is reached, this reminder is displayed
Heart rate warning: During exercise, if the heart rate is too high or too low, it will be reminded
Exercise interruption reminder: Bluetooth disconnection reminder during exercise, it will automatically reconnect
Upgrade reminder: APP clicks on firmware upgrade, the watch displays firmware upgrade reminder
10. Other functions Alarm clock: You can add an alarm clock (single/repeated) to the time watch on the watch and the watch will prompt the alarm clock
Weather: Get weather information on your phone, showing today's weather and weather conditions for the next few days
Stopwatch: Stopwatch is accurate to hundredths of seconds
Timer: 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min, 30min, 60min can be set, and the time can be customized
Find the phone: Find the location of the phone, the phone will vibrate or ring
Flashlight: White light on the screen can illuminate
Off-wrist check: When the heart rate light window faces the air, it can be detected that the watch is not worn, the heart rate measurement is turned off when not worn, and the body temperature measurement is turned off
11. APP related Do Not Disturb Mode Switch: You can turn on and off Do Not Disturb on the APP, you can set the Do Not Disturb time period and turn off the bracelet vibration and message reminders
Heart rate automatic detection switch: 24-hour heart rate monitoring can be turned on or off on the APP
Dial customization: Users can customize their favorite pictures on the APP as a dial
Shake to take a photo: Click on the APP to take a picture, the wristband will display the camera icon, shake the wristband to take a picture, and the picture will be automatically saved in the mobile phone album
Find watch: Click to find watch, watch will vibrate
Automatic body temperature detection: On the APP, you can turn on/off automatic measurement, set the time period, measurement cycle, unit, etc., and you can also turn on the body temperature alarm by yourself
Automatic blood oxygen detection: On the APP, you can turn on/off automatic measurement, and you can set the automatic measurement time period and measurement cycle
Raise the wrist to brighten the screen. Raise the wrist to automatically brighten the screen, and put it down to automatically close the screen. You can set whether to turn on/off the wrist-raised screen on the APP.
12. Settings Factory reset: Clear device data, restore factory default settings
About: View device related information (firmware version, Bluetooth address, etc.)
Screen bright time: You can adjust the screen bright time by yourself
Screen brightness adjustment: You can adjust the screen brightness by yourself
Dial replacement: long press the main screen dial, swipe left and right to select different dials
Theme: honeycomb, list, nine-square
Shutdown: Shut down the watch
APP download: display the QR code, scan the QR code on the mobile phone to download the APP
itouch air 3 smart watch
luxe smart watch

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