Weight Loss Tips: Four Mindful Practices for Choosing a Healthier Diet

Weight Loss Journey

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As the New Year unfolds, many embark on a journey towards a healthier and leaner self. However, the key lies in translating these aspirations into tangible and sustainable practices.

Here, we introduce four simple yet effective psychological exercises to help you actualize your health and weight loss goals.

According to the World Health Organization, the global population with excess weight has tripled compared to over 40 years ago, reaching a staggering 1.9 billion.

However, researchers from Yale University suggest that adopting a healthy diet isn't as challenging as it may seem. The crucial factor is the awareness your brain forms when choosing food.

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They recommend several techniques that make improving dietary habits and shedding those extra pounds an easier feat, validated by proven effectiveness.

Reflect on the Drawbacks of Unhealthy Foods

In an experiment, participants were asked to focus on unhealthy foods for a mere 6 seconds. During this brief period, attention was to be concentrated on the negatives of these foods, such as calorie content and overall lack of health benefits.

Associations, including taste and texture, were also encouraged. Subsequently, when participants were asked about their desire to consume these foods, it decreased by a substantial 20% compared to the control group.

Reducing the desire for unhealthy foods marks the first step towards success, as the research found a close connection between the craving for such foods and dietary habits leading to weight gain.

Envision the Benefits of Healthy Foods

Conversely, in the next experiment, participants were required to focus on healthy foods for 6 seconds and actively think about their benefits.

The result? Participants' appetite for these healthy foods increased by 14%.

This brief visualization and positive thinking about the advantages of healthy foods are enough to make individuals more inclined to choose those beneficial to their well-being.

Pre-Meal Brain Exercises

Yale University scientists explored whether individuals should mentally prepare before eating to incline towards healthier food choices.

In this experiment, participants spent 15 minutes before meals reading about the various negative impacts of junk food, fostering a mental association between these foods and harm to the body.

For instance, looking at pictures of unhealthy meals and contemplating the consequences of consuming them. Subsequently, when given the choice between healthy and unhealthy foods, more participants opted for the healthier option.

Preconditioning the Brain with the Benefits of Healthy Foods

Similarly, scientists had participants read articles highlighting the benefits of healthy foods accompanied by images 15 minutes before meals.

During this time, participants focused their minds on imagining the various advantages of these nutritious options. As a result, more individuals chose healthy foods during subsequent food selections.

Start Small

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Like any endeavor, starting small is crucial. Following the aforementioned psychological training, participants, on average, consumed 107 fewer calories.

Don't underestimate these 107 calories ÔÇô it takes the average person about 10 minutes of running to burn them off.

According to the Yale research team, even making one healthy food choice a day can significantly contribute to long-term weight reduction.

Practical evidence shows that once people who diet to lose weight return to their regular eating habits, 70% regain all the lost weight within 3 to 5 years.

Hence, this new technique is valuable, aiding individuals in gradually reducing daily caloric intake, ultimately leading to significant results over time.

The addition of technology will also be a boost on the road to weight loss. The Twellmall smart watch can set sedentary reminders and daily exercise goals to keep you active. It can also let you know the changes in your body by pushing various health data. Seeing yourself getting better day by day, does this make you more motivated?


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